Reflections on how playing into self-doubt can be damaging to the creative process.

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My first impression of loving what I do for a living left me with the idea that creativity would come easily. That I’d crossed through to this mysterious other side where no matter how difficult things got, at least I wouldn’t be stuck. Stuck in some dead-end job. Stuck uninspired. Stuck in stagnation. That last one is still one of my greatest fears. My friends would sooner peg me for the girl who runs from white picket fences than one who settles down and makes littles. It’s been something like a year since I’ve written anything of note and by…

Muting yourself or posting a few FOMO pics on Instagram doesn’t make you not racist.

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Showing up as an ally at a time like this requires the ability to do more than follow directions and align with the status quo. Muting yourself for a day and posting a few FOMO pics on social doesn’t make you *not* racist.

Similarly, it is not the responsibility of people of color to educate us on how to cure a cancer we created. It’s up to us to get uncomfortable and do the work needed to rid ourselves of the toxic mentality that seeds racism in the first place. …

“And there she rests in pearly might at this crippling intersection of survival and luxury.”

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At dawn’s first break, the sepulchral presence of the Grand Princess cruise ship against Oakland’s cool bay water is almost haunting. I sip my coffee in silence as the morning light begins to spill through our apartment window to the tune of Deepak Chopra’s “Daily Breath”. The twinkling city skyline taunts me with adventure, but here I sit. And there she rests in pearly might at this crippling intersection of survival and luxury.

Monday will mark day fifteen of the official Shelter-In Place order in…

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Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but your new 2020 goal tracker is bunkum. Here’s why… As someone who has tried out all the latest and greatest life-mapping techniques to date with great anticipation—from $60 day-planners and Earth-shattering journal practices to ancient visualization techniques and celebrity-endorsed MOOCs—I can personally share, we’ve already drunk the Kool-Aid.

You’ve already decided to fail.

Let’s take a second to revisit what setting a New Year’s resolution actually means. It is, first and foremost, a decision:

Resolution: (noun)
1. A firm decision to do or not to do something.
2. The quality of being determined or resolute.


Every female maker should hear these. You’ll want to bookmark this one!

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It’s no secret that our environment has a direct impact on our health and wellbeing. In fact, a study by Australia’s Flinder’s University showed 22% of people with a large network of friends live longer lives. We’ve since come to find out that close friendships can actually boost immunity. They also happen to be a non-negotiable ingredient when cultivating a thriving inner circle.

You’ve heard the phrase choose your friends wisely, but what about the content you consume? Our society is oversaturated by a barrage of constant media so, it only makes sense that we must select the sources of…

My Top 10 Tips for Creating Resonant Content That Sells

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Did you know that 61% of consumer buying decisions are influenced by custom content? Content marketing generates triple the amount of leads that traditional marketing practices do on average, at a fraction of the cost. That’s why, today, I’m sharing my top ten tips for creating authentic, resonant content that sells. If you’re ready to get real about your creative process and do the work it takes to be a true content leader, read on…

1. Stop comparing your voice to others.

There’s this thing called ‘social comparison’ and it happens when we start comparing ourselves with…

Dissecting The Art of Disruption: A Natural Creative Catalyst

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If we survey the habits of the world’s most brilliant creative minds, resiliency is one of the first patterns to emerge, a theme highlighted regularly in today’s thriving startup culture. Stephen King, JK Rowling, and Steven Spielberg persevered through numerous rejections to acquire their success. Walt Disney was once fired from a Missouri newspaper for “not being creative enough” while Steve Jobs was dismissed from the company he built before bringing NeXT and Pixar into the world.

Failure is, by definition, a lack of success. Historically, however, failure has proven to be a compelling method for developing a constant willingness…

The Higher Purpose Project curates changemakers and industry leaders from around the globe who are committed to elevating their impact in the world.

As Seen in CREATIV Magazine

Answering the Call

At a time when there is seemingly unlimited access to people and content, it is increasingly difficult to identify opportunities that offer lasting value. In an effort to navigate this oversaturation, The Higher Purpose Project curates changemakers and industry leaders from around the globe who are committed to elevating their impact in the world, and invites people of all walks of life to connect with them in unique, stimulating environments. …

Attributing her success primarily to a fierce passion and love for the sport, free climber, Sasha DiGiulian says it all started with a flicker of inspiration.

As Seen in CREATIV Magazine — Volume 2 | Issue 7

Free climber Sasha DiGiulian possesses an extraordinary skill for making the impossible look effortless. Known best for scaling several of the world’s most challenging ascents, she appears so collected in photographs of her climbs, it’s easy to forget she’s gripping the rock face with only her fingertips while dangling 1,000 feet above the ground. Holding the world title for PanAmerican champion since 2004, the young athlete says it is not the feat of specifically-graded climbs that draws her attention, but “the experiences associated with these feats.”

Attributing her…

Written for CREATIV Magazine (Exclusive Interview)

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Storytellers Komal Minhas and Erin Bagwell are catalyzing the latest shift in female entrepreneurialism. Smothered by the actuation of gender-bias in the corporate sector, Bagwell began diligently utilizing her outrage as a source of feminine empowerment. “The most powerful women in the world are those who not only understand these biases, but choose not to let them define them,” Bagwell shares.

“The creation of ’Dream, Girl’ all stems from when I became a feminist. …

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